Monday, August 4, 2008


The main characters of the movie Mulan are Mulan and Mushu. Mulan was characterized by Lea Salonga only in singing. In this story Mulan was a loving daughter to his father. Also, she was a great fighter. She disguised being a man to protect her father from fighting against the enemies of their government. She entered the military instead of her father. In this story, she really showed her good intentioned to her fellow country men’s and to her family. She was brave fighter, combating those enemies and has her techniques to won in that battle. There was also Mushu, the little dragon who helped her to face those enemies. Mushu was assigned to take care of Mulan. Mushu was chosen by her ancestress to take in charge of Mulan.

The Setting of the Mulan was in the China; specifically in Han Dynasty. It was taken there because it related to their culture and history. In China, there are also warriors that are women. The Mulan begins when the reuniting of the clan of Tuoba and Xianbei. The Touba in northeast china controlled the northearn china that made them slave and follow the rules under the Touba. Even though other military culture of Xianbei reamin, still the rules of Touba continued. Mulan is about conquering other dynasty and try to manipulate their rules. In this case the two cultures of Touba and Xaianbei were combined.

It has shown the cultural and historical approach of Chinese. That in every family, their first son, must served the country, that they are obliged to supply the needs of the government. And if they have no son, the father will be the alternative fighters for their administration. That’s there rules. In this story, it showed the deep relationship between the father and the daughter. Mulan sacrifice her self just to save her father from danger, combating those enemies. She decided to hide her true identity and joined the military forces to keep her father safe. She did it because she thinks that her father is now older, to imagine that he can’t make it, that there are tendency that he might be killed in the middle of battle. So, she disguised and be a part of the fighters. Mulan emphasizes that girls can do whatever boys can do.

The through Honor is when you fight for what is right. You pursue to do things that you think could help you and other people. Not to think for what are the awards you will gain after you do such things. Fighting for the things that make you happy without hurting someone. Not to under estimate other people for their ability. It is you have your pride and dignity that is not ruin by other people. A Precious character within yourself. Fighting for your right without stepping someone.

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RoNald said...

wow I saw this movie just last week. the story plot is amazing with breathtaking actions and unpredictable story twists. mulan indeed is a hero for her country, her family and her father who love her so much. I think one lesson to learn from the was "honor is not solely the way to bring us into fame but instead our true intentions and own will to protect our love ones". and love is so powerful that even her father didn't bother to see those rewards from the emperor rather hug his daughter as he missed her so much. that was very touching. I almost cried while watching. lol.