Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home From EDEN

I’m exhausted in our nature tripping from Eden. I was there to spent time with the family and relatives of daddy (My boyfriend). We also celebrated the birthday of his Aunt (Tita Biting) and the Anniversary of his parents. It was so amusing; seeing and distinguished those green trees, delightful flowers, different types of fruits and their gardens. I can’t explain the feeling of thinking that there are still beautiful gardens next to the cities. It was so enjoyable especially when me and my daddy walked along the Garden of Eden, followed the mountain trail, in a sky riding as well as in Indiana Jones. We also did fishing and I caught small fish named “Tilapya”. I’m so happy that I visited the placed. I feel more joyful because I have time as one with my boyfriend. We really take our time roaming in Eden, even if we are tired, still we pursued what we have started and at the end, we feel contentment and pleased together. I really appreciated the beauty of Nature.

God is so powerful to create this masterpiece. God is so wonderful and Life is so meaningful!.. I Love You Lord, Thank you for everything, for allowing me, to be associated with them.

In addition, Thank you Papa and Mama for giving me your trust and your permission.

Thank you Daddy, for coming into my life and letting me feel the brilliant of living with you.

Thank you po for inviting me, for letting me witnesses the stunning success of Gods authority and specially for paying all my expenses.

I’m really thankful.

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