Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Need Help!

I know there are things you have to consider. And for that, it helps my personality to think wider and reflect on things for the benefit of others. By this time, I can’t imagine my self doing this sacrifice nor assume for what I will gain, but instead I reflect about what he feels and what he wants. I will fight for what I feel, and set things right. I keep on my mind, that we can defeat this situation. Just have trust on yourself and in our relationship. We can make it!. There’s no such word “impossible” when it comes to our God. Just trust Him. Also, help yourself to overcome it, I cannot make it on my own because both of us are involve in this situation. Just hold tight. In addition, help me to push through what we have started, because there are times that I can’t help myself to think negative and lost courage. So let us help each other. May God Be With Us Always. Always Pray!.

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Miss LoneLy said...

meh!!!!all i can say is you must trust your boyfrn and control emotion. ...we all know that daddy luv u so much. ...its rili obvious to his actioNs. ..dli mn pud ka tanga pra dli nmo mkta uie dva. .. ..

"jusT Trust him".. ...daddy luv u olweiz. .. ..