Saturday, July 5, 2008


Having a friends help you to mold your personality because they are the one who critic you in everything. A friend also assists you in your problems. Through thick and tin, friends are there to comfort you and cherish you. You can lean on in their shoulder, ready to listen on your problems whether it is redundant and most of all they won’t let you down. Boyfriends may lose but not your true friends. Right?


Are there any requirements or qualification to have a true friend? Is it necessary to choose a friend to have acquaintance? How valuable your friends? Do you treat them special as well as you treat your special love one? How about those friends that in an instant they are back fighting against you or other friend of yours? Why do people like that? Do you still considered that as a TRUE FRIEND??

Well For me, my friends always lend their hands on me when I’m in need Even though I don’t have enough time to bond with them because of my busy schedule. I’m proud of having them as my true friends because they are protecting me against all the gossips behind my back. I know I have my mistakes. I know sometimes I neglect to go out with them. But still I’m making my ways to be with them even in a short of time. Now I’m happy of my life because as days passes by, I gain new circle of friends and hoping they are true to me. Hoping they are always with me till death do us part. :D

Thank you friends.. Thank you God..

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