Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dont be too Serious

Life is worth living for, so have fun while still young!..right?

Don't take it to serious, for the things happen in you life. All you need is to enjoy!.In this cruel life, still there are times that we feel so grateful. There are moments that we thank God for having this opportunity, for this breathtaking life. Thank You God!..

Inspite of the difficulties I encountered, still I'm thankful because I met, different people. I’m so much appreciative for what I have received and for the things that I will obtain from God. I’m so blessed by God, because I have my organization named Zaphenath Paneah which glorifies God by performing His Words as well as to my family who support me in my needs, specially my parents which are the instruments of God in having me here on earth. And to my boyfriend who cares for me and love me for the rest of our life. Indeed, Thanks to our God!

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