Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Crush, to Admiration, then Infatuation, till puppy Love lastly, getting In Love!.

How happy life is, when you see your crushes roaming around the campus or seeing him/her in your place?

As I remember during my childhood days, I get easily attracted when I saw cute guys. Sometimes, when I caught my crush looking at me, I can’t help myself screaming, got panic when he is near me, quiver and the beat of my heart palpitates faster. Well, I guess even this stage of my life, I still feel the same way, but sorry guys. I’m Already taken.. :)


What we usually feel, when we see our crushes? How can we determine, if that feeling is infatuation, admiration, puppy love or you are in love?

According in my research here’s the usual feeling when we see special person in our life;

About crushes or infatuation

Uncertainties, overpowering lust, panic, excitement, impatience or jealousy are some of the symptoms of infatuation. Surprisingly some of the feelings during infatuation are the same when you are in love. It might be towards the girl next door, your classmate, best friend, your senior, friend's brother or sister, a teacher, a celebrity, or sister or brothers friends. However at the same time he/she may not be happy with the lingering suspicions and nagging doubts. Some teenagers in infatuation might make their partners uncomfortable by calling them on the phone, doing some funny or nasty tricks to get the attention. On the other hand, the shy lovers may just peep through the window to get a glance or may act like a secret Santa who unnoticeably keeps helping when the partner is in trouble. The recent psychological research depicts that most of these infatuations are bound by sexual intimacy and it ends after a sexual encounter.

About True Love

Love is an agreement written by lovers on non-degradable objects and states that they will be together forever. There will not have any space for jealousy as they move on together. People in love; whisper their most treasured secrets to each other. True lovers mature in age and experience love as a dynamic process that changes or grows simultaneously. They enjoy each other's company, and depend on each other in the deepest crisis over the years. The dreams are built on the same platform and met in the same destination. It brings out the best of an individual thus helping the relationship to flourish to greater heights.


Admiration is one of the easiest needs to meet. Just a word of appreciation, and presto, you've made someone's day. On the other hand, it's also easy to be critical. A trivial word of rebuke can set some people on their heels, ruining their day and withdrawing love units at an alarming rate.

Do you agree in my research? Are you in love today? or just a puppy love? Or presently you feel infatuation but sooner you will discover, it is just an admiration.. Determine your feelings now.. :)


Naga said...

Sino pla crush mo ngaun?? sa school??

mehmine said...

Wala akong crush noh, may boyfriend na ako.. hindi ako katulad ng iba na hindi kontento sa isang tao.. kahit may ka relasyon na.