Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leaving on a Heartache

For the Few days, I don’t feel comfortable of my self.
Ask why? because for three consecutive nights, I cry for some useless reasons. My boyfriend told me; that maybe it is because of my period that’s why I act stupid. But gratefully that’s the only time that I expressed my feelings And Letting it out through crying. And it helped me so much because right now, I feel free and i have peace of mind. One of the reasons why I cried, because I’m insecure. Do I have to be insecure? Dahhh!.. And sad to say I don’t know why & to whom I got insecure with. Dahhh!.. What a heck! Hahaha.. I also feel alone.  At that night all I want is to cry and be hug by God. That moment I considered myself as an emo, so emo.. waaahhhh… Well, all of us are emo...right?. hehehe.. Dah.. so much for that!. Crying moment was about for an hour only. I got relaxed when my boyfriend told me “Kaya nimo na oi, Naa lang ko dri kung dili nimo kaya, kung kailangan nimo og back up!” hehehe.. How sweeeetttt!..hehehe.. Thank God for giving me a man like him!. Thank you..

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