Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why Do People Act Supid When they're Inlove?

Right now, Im in love and I admit, I act stupid when it comes to me and my boyfriend. I easily get angry to those who are flirting to my boyfriend, to the point that I get scream and do such crazy things. Like, I confront the girl or even dispute the girl. I am nasty, so be aware!..

From what I’ve heard and saw from others. People acted stupid when it comes to their love ones. Sometimes, they forget their prides just to please their love ones. They became brainless and have more patients even though they were hurt. They did it just to satisfy their love ones. And I hated that thing.. But still I done it and continue doing it. Why is that? Is it because, they cant afford to lose their love ones? Is it because of the love or is it because of the memories they’ve spent together? HooooH!.. How powerful LOVE is.


-krixxia- said...

yah stupid jud..
well stupidity is not a sin..
pwera lang kung ngapatay naka ug tao..bwisit..uhmm..cguro we are afraid to lose the love we had once..because it will never be repeated from amgle to angle..agree??hehhee..

Ellen said...

agree jud ko krizia.. hahaiii nalang jud!.. but that's what love is all about.. hehhhehe... dawat2 nlng ta ani.. hahahaiii....

Anonymous said...

act stupid wen inluv?
i dont think so.. bcoz she still in love but she STILL looking for others..hahaha!!!
she is not contended with only one she want MORE!!!!hahahaha