Sunday, August 24, 2008

Introduction to My Research

In this mobile application that determines shortest path for public vehicle rides has already existed through out the year by the use of GPS, which tracked the traffic areas technological changes were made in order to meet the other demands of new generations of map makers and map users. So, the proponents decided to produce an application that also determines shortest path in a route, plus the specific fair of the certain place and the exact jeepneys to ride in.

Before the proponents came up to this kind of study, they consider several things that would contribute to the community on how to access such places in a simple way. However, the proponents believe that the answer lies in the mobile phones that people already have in their pockets. Digital mapping on your phones tells you exactly what is the shortest path, in what route are you intended to ride in and what specific fare are you going to pay in a vehicle.

This study focuses about mapping the shortest path, exact route extraction, and accurate fare on mobile phones. It has a huge help to the people, who have no knowledge about the city or place. The system is able to suggest unfamiliar public transport users to choose a route based on their preferences. Users can choose a short route where they can arrive at the place in a short time. . The fare will be calculated for the benefit of the user. So, for the first 4 kilometer the minimum fare will be eight pesos and in every one kilometer added in the route there will be a corresponding one peso to be added in the fare. The system implements the shortest path route algorithm into an extracted public transport map to calculate the solution path from the start to the arrival place. The map has to undergo several images processing techniques before the shortest path algorithm can be implemented and based on the solution path, the system will suggest the route. The fare of the suggested route will be also displayed for the user’s convenience. In making the proponents’ map, the proponents chose to create the map using a topological map it is a very general type of map. It often disregards scale and detail in the interest of clarity of communicating specific route or relational information.

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