Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In friendship, there are certain scenarios that we encounter struggles and misunderstanding due to lack of understanding and respect they might be too judgmental, or someone might hurt other members unintentionally. Also, the opinion of the group didn’t meet to the point that others may get irritated, so if that situation come, in order to fix that cold war within your group. It needs, communication, expressing ones feeling to the people you've got annoyed, reconciled, said sorry and apologize to the person you've hurt.

I came up with that reaction,

Because those things happen in our group, just this day we talked about that cold war thing. It bothered us most, especially our president, because She didn’t know where to start molding the broken piece of glass to be reunited again. This friendship was made for us to had companion, also, it was built to met other people and gained true friends whom you can trusted. And I'm happy to met someone like them, but unfortunately, to test the faith or patients of ones character. It came up to the point, that some of us separated because of some stupid problem. I'm so upset of what is happening within our group. So, the president as well as me decided that we have to make an open forum to express ones heartache, to set the feelings free and forget the burden that ones created. We focused on the presidents' goal, which is molding again the broken friendship. We talked seriously, admitted the mistakes, reconciled, set things right, respect ones opinion and most of all, now we are REUNITED again as ONE.

That's what friendship is all about, not letting small things be scattered and make it big. Fix it immediately, or else it ends your relationship among your friends. So, treasure your friends!..

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