Sunday, August 17, 2008


Me as a traveler, I usually look for a hotel that features good and safety for my own convenience.

I typically chose hotels that are reasonably priced, fresh place, have security and pleasant. In addition, I first consider the services of the hotels, if the workers are polite and have confident to talk with the customer. I do like presentable hotels, rooms are so important.

I’m fan of hang outs and over night stay on resorts and hotels together with my boyfriend and friends. We usually, got hotels that are inexpensive and worthy to stay in. So far, those hotels we chose are convenient for the customers. Here are some of the hotels that me and my friends chose to stay in.

And also when we had our family vacation at Bohol, here are the hotels that we lived for a few days.

Tropics Hotel Bohol

In that place, we spent for 2 days. We went there because it was the wedding celebration of my aunt and I’m one of her bride’s maids. So far, the facilities and foods there are good. Also the place was so nice and pleasant. There services was good, workers are all polite. Also, the hotel is affordable. When the evening came, there are disco offered by the hotel in their customers. The place is really suitable and you will feel the safeties in this hotel.

Panglao Nature Island Resort Bohol

After that vacation, the next month we had reunion and we chose to stay at Panglao Nature Island Resort, There sand was so white, the place was so clean and the resort is so inexpensive. The food was delicious and their serving was good. We spent there for a few days.

Apo view Hotel Davao

I also visited this hotel. It offers valuable food for the customer, had good service, quite place even it is located at the center of the city still they manage their hotel appreciatively. It is also affordable and worthy to spent money. It also had spot that you can access their internet. It is wi – fi hotel.

So, visit these hotels, consider the site that features hotel, to give you some information.

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