Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Business Plan

In planning my business, there are several factors that i have to consider in order for my business to be successful. First, i have to consider what kind of business? who are my competitors? what are the consideration in choosing the place in constructing the building?What are the specialties in my business. Many more!..

If i want to have a business, it would be a restobar, A restaurant in the morning and bar in the evening. Don't you think I earn bigger profit in that case? What would be my aims to gain more profit?

first, to provide good quality of food to our valued customers. Me and my employees, aim to serve them with fastest and healthy food. In this business we consider the students, employees or everyone as part of our customers, which we treasured most. We are expecting higher rate for them, because we guarantee them good services.

In able to supervise this business, we have our manager, supervisor, employee and attendant to help us in managing this company. I am going to train them well in order to gain deep relationship and better treatment to our customers. If this business will succeed in the near future, we are going to make another branch to gained more profit. We have our objectives that, in five years we can produce three or more branches. We do have our strategies, promotions and gimmicks in order to click our business.

We all know that there are also Risk that we have to consider in this industry, so here are some of my assessment risk that i may encounter in processing my business..

The major threat in this business are the competitors and because of that assemble strategies, promotions and gimmicks which we stated in our marketing plans in order to take advantage of possible ways to gain more customers and not get turn over by our competitors. We are pressured with the fast dining service we have for our customers because more customers would mean more foods to cook and to serve, and if this is the case we might not be at good service anymore with our customers. We are also anxious for the first few days of our opening because our customers might not like the taste of the foods/dishes that we will serve them. And most of all, they might not like their stay in our place.

But still,

The mission of having this company is to be able to serve the customer with the fastest service and convenient place, a good dining experience. We will offer consumers with the healthy and affordable food Also, for the customers will be entertained and well pleasure by the attendant. Our services will exceed the expectation of the customers. It comprises specialty of food, create new recipe, unique mixing of the ingredients. We guarantee 100% of our delicious, helthy food and servisec.

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