Sunday, October 5, 2008

HAve Faith

In this cruel Life of mine.. There are temptations that lead you in doing wrong things and you feel regret after. I hated myself for doing such bad thing that made my boyfriend disappointed with me. Even though how many times I explained to him that nothing happens between me and my classmate but still he insisted.

This is what happened..

I went to my classmates’ boarding house thinking that I can save money for printing. Therefore, I went there to use his computer and printer to type some documents of my father. Also the boarding house is near from our school. I expected that some of my classmates would go there because they like spending time in that boarding house.

While I’m typing, my classmate ask me “my, do you have scandal”, then I told him, “yes, in my USB”. When I’m done typing the documents he opens the scandal and watch for that disgrace film. Afterward, while he is watching the film, I feel something unusual, so I decided to leave and went to our shop. And when I’m stepping near the door, he pulled me and locked the door with the words "Pa.kiss my". I got angry and scared at that moment. So tell him “GARA jim!”
So that’s it. He opened the door and let me leaved.

I didn't expected those things happen, because his my classmate at the same time, we used to shared problems and secrets. In short, he is one of my close friend ever since in first year of my college life.

So, what should I do? His not accepting my explanation and the reasons why I’m there..

So Disguisting!..


wahehehe said...

hugas kamay!! wahaha!!
kulang pa yan!!

Concern Citizen said...

You are calling him your close friend?? even though his such a jerk!! he even tried to molest you.
and you still call him your friend??