Saturday, October 18, 2008

HUmble and Respect

Did your parents taught you how to be humble? Or did you encountered that word since you was burn until now that you are alive?

How about the word respect? Respecting other people is one of the important virtues that you have to apply in yourself. Do you know that respecting others help you to gain respect from public? It takes two to tango.. Or you don't value respect to yourself? That’s why most of the people are not in good terms. Because others loves to ruin people’s life just to be happy or contented Or it is just a trip to have someone or something to topic with? Don’t you know that every hurt you’ve impart to others will give you double or multiple consequence as a return, an awful things might happen that you cant run out of it and, you don’t have a choice but to kill yourself, just to be free from the outcome of what you did.

What I am saying is true or not?

There are also instances that you can’t notice, what you are experiencing is already the consequence that God gave you. In order for you to realized and fixed what you had started. God is mercyful and He forgives those who committed sins. He forgets those things especially when you are admitting it and said sorry for it.

So, reflect to yourself now. We are not perfect, we commit sins and we say sorry otherwise face what God gives you on the later part.

Even I had mistakes and I am sorry for the things I done and praying that those I'd hurt will forgive me. And may God forgive me.

God Bless..

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