Friday, December 5, 2008

A Poem for YOU!

My boyfriend had this assignment, they have to compose a poem with the 5 senses.. And so, i volunteer to construct a poem for him..

I do write poems when I feel inspire. Thus, this is the product of my love to him. It is not yet finish, it is just the beginning. Soon you will find out the whole meaning of the poem.. Just check my blog..

My boyfriend motivates me to make this simple but whole hearted poem.. My thoughts for him, expresses this way.

Therefore I dedicate this to him..

A glimpse of your face creates sentiments,
That enables me to mesmerize..

The scent that you take,
Formulates an unexplainable feeling,
That even I get bothering..

The savor of your hands,
Expresses the sense of being a compassionate..

The coldness of you voice,
Fascinate me with a breath taking noise..

And here with me my existence,
That adores and offers you a great presence..

1 comment:

leemarvs said...

Very impressive poem from the heart... hehehe... Its really romantic!... GO Strong! Padaun sa pag USWAG!