Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boxing Match of DeLa Hoya and Pacquiao

It was over for 9’Th round the game was end, the battle between the two competitors was done and over. It was just a dream fight for Pacquiao and for the Filipinos who wants him to win against DeLa Hoya. And yes, it is a dream that came true..

As I watched the television, I felt quite nervous for pacquiao, thinking that he might lose the game. I thought Dela Hoya was a threat for Pacquiao, but all my negative thoughts were just vanish and turn into a positive one. His strategies were nice and effective because he won the game. I’m not fun of Many Pacquiao but still I recognized him as one of the contenders of the Philippines. A player that gave named for our country. I might not his fun but still I respect him.

Also the Filipinos were proud of him simple because of many battles he won. He is just a simple person before and turns into one of the riches here in the Philippines with the famous name "Pacman". A strong personality, a fighter and never been a loser.

Congratz Many..

Break a leg..

God Bless..


Mani vendor said...

congrats mannieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!.

Godbless mannieeeeeeeeeee!!!!

daog c mannieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!...

nice blog mannieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!..
manni mo dra.. puwang puwang mani..
tag 5 lng!..

leemarvs said...

Actually the dream match was a nightmare match for dela hoya as you can see in his previous 5 fight his only fighting for money not for fame.. However, it was a good fight for the filipinos and desperate lost for the mexican again... heheh CHeers!