Sunday, November 30, 2008

Re-treat @ St. Benedict Monastery

The computer science students of UIC had their retreat at St. Benedict Monastery at Cogon, Digos. They to spent 3 days and two night with the monks and Nance. The place was so nice, they have this farm full of flowers and animals. The ambiance is so relaxing, maybe because of the quite place far from the city. The place helps me to meditate and reflect from what father Istong taught us.

He taught us about the cycle of life, the importants of the families and how to handle life problems. I really admired him for the ideas he imposed to us, his perception in life, his love and words of wisdom. He is really one of a kind priest. He really has the sense of humor which he can entertain people at the same time shared the words of God. God is really good.

And from our retreat I had so many realization and discoveries towards life. I appreciated many things, like; we are made according to the image and likeness of God. So there are no reasons for me to felt this way, a feeling that is uncomfortable thinking that I might not good enough to be loved by someone.

Fr. Istong and Gods word helped me to mold again the Ellen Navarro that have self confident and a fighter in every circumstance that she encounters along her way. They helped her to be strong.

I really love spending time with Fr. Istong, I didn’t fe bored. Because what he taught for us really installed in my mind. I still hope and pray that I may continue what I’ve learned from him.

Thank you father Istong, most specially THANK YOU GOD!

hope to see you again Father Istong..

till the next retreat..

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