Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday

First, IM thankful that God give me another year of living. Spend time to my love ones..

Its my birthday tomorrow, and I’m turning 20.. Maybe Im too old? I’m not anymore a teenager, but still, I look like a teenager. wahahaha.. Maybe because of my height.. Whew..☻

a special thank you for my friends, who are always there for me.. For my boyfriend who made my day complete.. Thank you to jimson, who gave me flowers.. to Noel, who gave me chocolate and most specially to my daddy.. Who gave me the Teddy Bear named "baby abz", necklace and earrings..

As what I have said to my daddy.. Gift is not important because your presence and love is already a gift for me.. and I’m thankful for that.. tnx☺

To my family who give life to me.. Im not here because of them. I cant achieve my goals if they were not supporting me. Thank you mama and papa.. I Love You my family..

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