Thursday, January 15, 2009


For the meantime, I’m alone. My boyfriend left for retreat. He has to spend three days at the retreat house where we had our retreat last November, His there since January 14 and he will be home tomorrow.

This is compulsory to all graduating students in UIC.

So, right now I’m alone, aloof and sad. Because I cant see him for three days, and it’s going to be hard for me, spending my spare time without him. Too bad!.. I really miss my boyfriend, but still I’m thankful because I can spend enough time together with my classmates, mingle with them and have fun. I know it’s a different feeling when you are with your classmates and when you're with your boyfriend. It is a kind of dissatisfaction, thinking that there's a missing piece of you. But still I cope up to that emotion and I do enjoy their company, which made me forget him for a meantime.

And now I’m excited seeing him, for sure.. I’m going to neither hug him nor kiss him. Heheheheh… See you soon Daddy!..

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