Monday, April 14, 2008

being Zaphean

I am a member of Zaphenath Performing Arts Incorporated, and I’m Proud of it. 
We perform, everywhere, to Spread the words of God. 
To enlighten & to encourage people. To those who are lost & to those who doesn't know God.
This is our way to inform All the people in the World that God saved us from our sins.

This group is my inspiration. they thought me to be a good sister, daughter, friend to everyone. 
This is my way of praising God and telling God that I LOVE HIM More than anyone in this world!..

Thank you God for giving me another chance in renewing myself, after all that i have done. You are still there for me, you didn't forsake me and yet you still Love me. 

Thank you so much!..
By the way, this coming april 21-26, We have our presentation.. at Osamis, it is called “Summer TOur” this would be one greatest performance of zapheans. We have our new members that will perform in that event. Even if my presence is not there, because of my OJT.. But surely I will give my 100 percent support for them!. Good Luck guys!.

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