Saturday, April 26, 2008

2012 Dooms Day

I will start this review by letting you to watch this video;

This movie reflects my personality, my trust and faith to God. Sometimes I easily get discourage for the problems I encounter And I do think of negative things. Sometimes my faith in God have limit in a sense that if bad things happen, I get depress but in the end of the day I will not forget to pray God for the goodness He impart to me. Thank you God for your kindness.

This movie shows the power and the miracle of God, His presence and love that he feel for us. This dooms day, emphasis the feeling of other people, some may not believe that all things was made by God. That creature was made according to his likeness. He made the planet for six days and rested for seven days. Others may don't believe because things has its scientific explanation. And some are doubtful for their faith because of the problem they encounter that cannot be fix or even solve it. But because of this event so called “dooms day” or "end of the world"!. That’s the only time that they believe God and pray for the survival of their country and life, that’s it!.. Re-new youself now and be sons and daughter of God.

Watch this movie and have your reflection..

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cathchix said...

char.. reflective jud,, hehe,, nkwatch bka forbidden kingdom? nice gud xa gang,, reflective pud ayu,, sa imong fantasy,, jejeje