Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm done with the Season 1 of gLee. And so far, it is a remarkable tv series base from america and currently air in their Season 2. gLee is an art club, it focuses on high school choir called " New Directions" from William Mckinley High School . It is a musical comedy tv series lead by Will Schuester(Teacher/choreographer), Sue Slyvester(rival of the club/coach of cheerers), Rachelle Berry(Main Female Singer) with Finn Hudson(Main Male Singer), and the other six members (Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Artie Abrams, Tina Cohen-Chang, Noah Puckerman, Quinn Fabray). It is like a High School Musical of Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Efron,but Im more fanatic of gLee. I really like the plot and the story itself. It's not just all about entertainment but also it shows the relationship between the teacher and the students. Also the fair share of their part regardless of their talents whether he or she is superior or not . More of moral lesson to be learn by the viewers. And now, I'm searching for the Season 2., So I guarantee all of you to watch this Tv series.. :D

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