Monday, May 5, 2008

A Prayer to God

I am pretending that Im okey for almost a month, but the truth is, Im hurting myself.. I hope there's someone who can save me from my suffering..

Here's my prayer to God

Oh, Lord God, help me to overcome this problem, but most of all the heartache that Im experiencing now. I know, you’re powerful and merciful to help your daughters and sons every time there in crises. Lord, help me to realize my mistakes and give me wisdom that I may understand what would be my steps to solve this problem. Lord God, right now, Im confuse!.. All I want is to cry and be with you.. Lord God, I need your presence, your embrace for me to feel comfortable, that Im worthy living here on earth. Lord hold me tight, don’t let me drown because of this problems. Help me to overcome this struggles that I enconter at this point of time. Lord, give me peace of mind so that I may able to give solution for my problems. Lord, I know you’re there for me, please help me.. I Love You Lord.. Gudnyt.. Amen

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Anonymous said...

That is just like my prayers, I think its important to ask god to help us everyday ey